General liability insurance


What is general liability insurance coverage?

General liability insurance provides coverage in the case of claims arising out of personal injury, libel, slander, slip and falls, and property damage for small businesses during the course of operation.

How much is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance cost could vary greatly depending on a lot of conditions such as the size and type of business you operate. Different kinds of businesses have a multitude of risks and factors that are all taken into account when applying for general liability insurance.

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What does general liability insurance cover?

There are three distinct areas where general liability insurance provides protection: property damage, bodily injury, and libel/slander claims. General liability insurance will also cover you if your landlord files a claim in the case you damage their property.

General liability will not protect your business from mistakes made by you or your employees in the course of working. For this coverage you should haveprofessional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance.

What is general liability insurance for contractors?

Construction sites are busy areas with lots of heavy machinery and workers. For example, if a customer of the construction project were to be walking through the construction site and trip over a toolbox, general liability insurance would provide coverage for attorney fees and medical costs. Funeral expenses would be covered in the case of a fatal accident. General liability insurance should not be confused with Workers Compensation Insurance General liability insurance would not provide coverage for one of your employees getting hurt on the job.

What is commercial general liability insurance?

General liability insurance protects your business from monetary loss due to injuries caused by your operations, workers, or products. It will normally cover the cost of your legal fees and will pay all damages if you're found liable up to the limits of your policy. General liability insurance is meant to pay claims that are non-professional, negligent acts caused by your business or services. Any professional insurance that is needed would be categorized under professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance. General liability insurance will cover your business in cases of infringement on copyright, bodily injury, and property damage.

An example would be if a plumber was working in someone’s home and left a faucet running on accident. His general liability insurance would protect the business from a loss due to being sued by the customer or homeowner.